Sunday, January 9, 2011


Mr.A. and I had company over for a meal...My sister was going to grab something hot out of the oven and she asked me for the potholders.At that very moment it hit me that I just had the one stained,thin,old,stuffing falling out of piece of shit. trash.I used this single potholder day in and day out never thinking twice about it, could I expect my company to use this? Was it safe to be grabbing a hot pan out of the oven with this because there was barely any stuffing left?I was embarrassed to pass this single potholder to her when she requested potholders.Ex specially in its shape.However this is what I had.
(sorry no picture of it as it went into the trash that very night before bed)
 The next day after the house was quiet, I went in to my extra room and begin going through any fabric in my measly supply to try and find something I could make potholders out of with limited sewing skills.This is what I came up with.They work great and cost $0.(all scraps I had)  


(just went crazy with the sewing machine)


  1. Deborah,you are in tune with my thoughts! I have been thinking of making some potholders too, I am going to try and get some made next week,I hope!This will be a first for me,so wish me luck. Hope mine turn out as well as yours. Blessings Jane

  2. Jane....boy did I need potholders.I didn't really research anything just made a couple squares.I wish I would of had red thread though.These are just quick ones to get by for now, but I would like to make some nice ones.I will have to check yours out! I am looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Your potholders look grat and I'm sure they'll do the job. Also, thanks for the tip on getting the bottoms of pans squeeky clean. We rarely eat out too so the bottoms of my pans look pretty similar to what yours did.

  4. Thank~you Granny....They sure beat the one I put in the garbage!Yes it sure doesn't take long for the bottom of the pans to get all grimy.Thank you for the comment.Come back and visit...

  5. I love it! That crazy scribble with the sewing machine was a stroke of genius! :) I'll bet my daughter would love to make some of these! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours! :)