Saturday, January 8, 2011



I HEART THIS BIKE......O' how I loved walking past this BEAUTY while it was on the rack at the store....DREAMING of the day it would be mine.Now I am on a QUEST for the perfect basket for it!I am finally in a position that I can ride it back and forth to work(YIPPEE)...Also for small errands here in town....However I am in a rural area so a big store is about an hour from here.Prices are lower and I can stock up on  sale items..If the fuel increases much more I may have to keep all my trading in town.I do like local trade but have trouble staying on budget with prices being so much higher and the local store will not accept competitor ads.So as soon as this layer of ice melts away I  can ride this BEAUTY to work.I don't mind the cold for a short distance however can't keep the bike upright on the ice.....
If any of you have a bike basket you recommend or a pattern or link....Please let me know as I am looking for a good basket for my bike.


  1. I would love to ride my bike more! We have become a society that thinks nothing of getting in our car to drive across the street instead of walking!

    At the one hotel I work at, there is a Subway restaurant about 100 yards across a grassy vacant lot from us. I have watched some of the other employees walk out, get in their cars and drive over, which means going out our drive in the opposite direction since we are located around a corner, turning at a traffic light and then into the Subway parking lot. On the return trip one has to turn left out of Subway to get back and traffic at lunch time is a bit heavy! All because they feel that it would be too much trouble to walk a little way carrying a couple of bags! I wonder what a lot of people would do if they were suddenly thrown back in time a hundred years! :)

    That really is a sharp bike! I love the seat, it looks so much more comfortable than the newer style! :)

  2. I must agree.I have seen this to.It is sad really...I also have noticed in my area that you do not see kids on bikes are roller blades anymore.I think its straight from the video games and sofa to there car at sixteen.Maybe more people will have to take a good hard look at being wasteful(such as driving to Subway) if fuel really does go to $5.00 a gallon by 2012.It's around $3.00 a gallon here in the midwest.What is the cost where your at....I enjoy your comments.Thank you for stopping....

  3. We just topped $3 a gallon a couple weeks ago. It seems to jump 10 to 15 cents all at once and then drop slowly back by 8 to 10 cents, then it jumps again! I am fortunate to have a company vehicle to drive so I don't feel the prices too bad any more.