Thursday, January 13, 2011

dOg gRoOmInG

I have been doing what I can to cut back on debt. Pet grooming was costing $40 bimonthly. So I decided to go out to pets mart and I purchased this pet grooming kit. It cost $65.  Which I hated to pay at the time. However, after I researched on the internet how to groom a schnauzer I gave them a try.  So glad I did because it payed for itself in 4 months(2 haircuts). It has saved me $$hundreds since then.  If you have a pet, I highly recommend doing the grooming on your own if your looking to save easy money. My directions were super easy to follow. This is the link I used. This is the directions for a minature schnauzer.
                                                                    The Grooming set

His hair cut. Very camera shy.


  1. I did the same thing except on myself! My wife took cosmetology at the career center her junior year of high school so I convinced her she could cut my hair. I bought a $20 hair cutting set and have since avoided many times paying the $12 my local barber was charging! I enjoy the conversation better too! :)

  2. When the two boys were at home I cut there hair and my husbands(trial & error-they wore a few funky haircuts for awhile).Then when the boys moved they each bought there own buzzers and now cut there own hair...It really does add up...There hair grows so fast I wouldn't even know how much in all they save, but every little bit helps.That is great that your wifes school offered something like that....