Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As I have mentioned, I left the commute and the 9-5 to be a NANNY....and I love it.I get to do all sorts of really fun great things and make a difference in two little boys lives,and not have to dress up...Yes, blue jeans all day!!!Today we made play dough, let me just say this recipe has stood the test of time as my three grown children have played with many batches of this stuff.One thing GREAT about making play dough is the kids can measure all the ingredients and do the mixing and who cares if its not perfect.The little guy today that measured  it is two and he did great and it turned out perfect....   


Mix all ingredients, cook over medium heat until it pulls away from pan sides,color,enjoy...

it doubles as a hat...He wanted to make it right when he got out of bed.He didn't even take off  his P.J."s.I think he liked it!
We didn't even notice it was eleven degrees outside.We stayed busy with this most of the morning!
*I use to color this with a kool-aide packet but the dough smelled so good my kids were tempted to taste it,so I stopped using that method however it does work.

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