Sunday, January 16, 2011

a NeTfLiX GiFt

We recieved 6months of netflix for a christmas gift this year.  Let me tell you how great it is.  Mr.A and I are not usually movie people.  I think we have watched more movies in the past month then we ever have watched.  It was an excellent gift for these cold winter nights.  Also, it's like christmas all over again every time you go to your mailbox and take out another movie. We love the concept of netflix.  Such a simple neat idea.  I saw on The Booknut's blog that Avatar was one of his favorite movies.  I have to agree.  Mr.A and I just watched it 2 nights ago and it was great.  I highly recommend it and I don't usually like Sci-fi movies or shows.  Mr.A loves sci-fi and he loved it also.  I am more into romantic comedys, or scary movies.  So if you get the chance, watch this movie you won't regret it. 


  1. I'm glad you liked it! It sounds like you two are like me and my wife. She likes the romantic comedies and I'm into Sci-fi. We do well as long as we stick to comedy and nothing else! :) I have managed to get her to watch a few Sci-fi shows but they have to be very light on the "Sci" part! :)

    We get movies from our library for free, so that is our source of TV programming.

  2. Hi Deborah,
    thanks for visiting my blog. I like to try & live simply too. I used to be extremely minamilist too, for the same reasaon.
    Congrats on starting your blog.

    Lisa x